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Our Services 

Tree Removal

We specialize in removals with hard to reach places when traditional  equipment is not able to reach.  Because we climb, there is no need to remove obstacles in our way and leave damage due to driving Large equipment in to your yard.  In some cases, for safety reasons, an aerial lift is required we will discuss that with you during the evaluation process.


We remove the debris and leave your property looking clean. 

An estimate is always free.  Contact us today!

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care is a holistic approach to plant care that focuses on the health and growth of plants. Focusing on complete tree care, we can help you diagnose and treat tree health issues.  Contact us today for a consultation

Gardening Shears

We are able to prune your trees to maintain health, provide clearance, remove hazards, or create a view.  A tree properly pruned is key, but done incorrectly can lead to the decline of your tree.  A tree may need to be pruned every 2-3 years depending on species.  We keep track of pruning work and contact you when it is time to inspect again.   



  • Prune to current ANSI standard practices

  • Disinfect all our tools before and after work is complete to prevent the spread of disease


  • We do not Top trees.  This is no longer a standard practice and creates more of a problem for you the homeowner long term

  • We do not use climbing spikes or spurs.  This causes unnecessary damage to the tree 

Flexible Options
Navigating in Woods


We know tree care and removal can be expensive at times.  We work with all our customers to find a solution to fit your budget and we accept all major credit cards.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.  

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